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The experts at Key Instruments engineer and manufacture high quality custom flow meters, rotameters, and other engineered products. Through precision machining, rapid prototyping, careful assembly, and rigorous testing of pneumatic subsystems, they take pride in providing exactly what you need.

Key Instruments Product Offering

Key Instruments designs, manufactures, and delivers high quality flowmeters on-time and on-budget to exact customer specifications. They manufacture air flow meters and water flow meters to serve the following industries: medical, water, industrial, chemical, process control, laboratory, and more.

  • Variable Area Flow Meters
  • Pitot Tube Flow Meters
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Flow Meter Accessories

Key Instruments Variable Area Flow Meter

Variable Area Flow Meter

Key Instruments Pitot Tube Flow Meter

Pitot Tube Flow Meter

Key Instruments Flow Control Valve

Flow Control Valve

Key Instruments Flow Meter Manifold

Flow Meter Manifold

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