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Process Instruments, Inc. is proud to represent Omnitrol Process Instrumentation, manufacturers of products including solid and liquid point level and continues level measurement.

Mechanical Level Controls for a broad range of applications. Mechanical measurement controls have been employed for level applications since the early 1900's. They are time proven, reliable technique, easy to install and repeatable each and every time.

Omnitrol Product Offering

  • Chamber Mounted Level Switches
  • Pneumatic Switch and Controls
  • Side Mounted Level Switch
  • Top Mounted Level Switch

Omnitrol Chamber Mounted Level Switch

Chamber Mounted Level Switches

Omnitrol Pneumatic Switch and Controls

Pneumatic Switch and Controls

Omnitrol Side Mounted Level Switch

Side Mounted Level Switches

Omnitrol Top Mounted Level Switch

Top Mounted Level Switches

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Process Specialties, Inc. is proud to represent Omnitrol. We're happy to help with selecting your product or assist with your application.

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